Agriculture and rural business is an important sector of the UK economy, with vast areas of land under agricultural production. The sector forms the vital foundation upon which UK’s highly successful food and drink industry is built.

As a firm, we have been advising farmers and the owners and managers of landed estates and rural businesses across UK for over 20 years.

We work with partnerships, sole traders, limited companies and the individuals involved with these businesses, covering arable, cattle, dairy, sheep and mixed farms.  We also work with the wider network of companies such as feed and machinery suppliers, retailers and sports and leisure businesses, all of which are important and integral parts of rural business life.

Our time proven experience in the sector puts us in a strong position to advise clients on the issues that are important to them.  This includes tax issues, inheritance planning, diversification, support in dealing with banks and renewable energy.

Our advice spans generations of farming families and we support our clients on key matters such as succession and effective tax planning to ensure a smooth transition to those taking over the reins of running the business.