At Stratus Consultants we have a keen understanding of business recovery and insolvency issues. We provide an integrated approach – where we can call upon appropriate specialists from across the firm to provide the best advice for each client in a co-ordinated manner. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide a personal, pragmatic and pro-active service, with a high level of commercial awareness.

We can advise on all insolvency related matters including restructuring or refinancing, trading with liquidators/receivers, and acquisition of assets or businesses from liquidators/receivers.

At Stratus Consultants we have two licensed Insolvency Practitioners. They are backed up by a team of dedicated personnel and have a wide range of experience in insolvency and corporate recovery procedures. This experience, together with an excellent network of legal and banking contacts, gives our team a unique blend.

Our team has an excellent track record in the provision of practical and sensible advice and, where insolvency has proved inevitable, an enviable record of maximizing returns for creditors and shareholders across the UK.

Pre-insolvency advice

We provide realistic impartial advice, free of charge at an initial meeting, on the possible options – and the implications of their success or failure.

Viability reviews and investigations

These reviews can be carried out for any business or for their bank or funder. The scope will be dependent on the circumstances, but the general objective will be to provide a genuinely independent opinion on the future prospects of the business.


If introduced early enough, we can work with our colleagues in Corporate Finance to assess the viability of a business, determine the practicality of trading on and hopefully work towards a successful outcome for both the creditors and the shareholders.

Administrations and Company Voluntary Arrangements

Insolvency doesn’t always mean liquidation. So, wherever possible, we’ll provide advice and assistance on alternative options such as Administration or Company Voluntary Arrangements.


We can represent the holders of qualifying Floating Charges and provide pre-receivership assessments and reports including assessments of the potential recoveries.

Voluntary and other liquidations

Where there are no viable alternatives, we can utilize our extensive experience in both solvent and insolvent liquidations. This could involve a timely, cost effective winding up to maximize the returns to shareholders in a tax efficient manner. However, should the business be insolvent, our aim is to maximize the returns to the creditors in as short a time as possible.

Representation at creditors’ meetings

Our team will attend creditors’ meetings to represent your interests and provide you with an independent, realistic opinion on your dividend prospects.

Consumer Credit activities

We provide consumer credit services through a third party organisation which is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Advice on Debt collection and Administration of Debt

Our debt collection assistance is very effective in ensuring all possible debts are recovered.

Personal Debt  –  Individuals and Partnerships

We provide non insolvency debt advisory services through a third party organisation.

If you’re in financial difficulty, or can’t meet your monthly obligations, we can help you find the best debt solution for you. We will take your specific circumstances into account and advise you of the options available. We can arrange an initial face to face meeting, free of charge with no obligation, and in complete confidence. We can also visit you in the comfort of your own home, if you would prefer that option. We know how easy it can be to get into debt, and how difficult it can be to see a clear way out. We will help you to take the first step towards finding a solution an helping you move forward.

This may involve formal debt solutions such as the Debt Arrangement Scheme, Business Debt Arrangement Scheme, Trust Deed and Sequestration.