We work with over many clients in the manufacturing and engineering sectors in UK.

Our partnership approach ensures that our core audit, accounting and tax service is complemented by proactive business advice, which supports our clients plans to improve, grow and sustain their businesses.

At Stratus Consultants, we have facilitators, who provide lean management and continuous improvement workshops to help clients remain competitive and achieve good margins.

Identifying the reliefs available through R & D, advising how to make cost savings when increased expense cannot be passed onto customers and finding appropriate grants and other funding are just some of the ways we help clients grow their businesses.

In addition to extensive ‘hands on’ experience, our manufacturing and engineering team also produce an annual survey looking at the trends, challenges and opportunities in the sector across the UK. While recruitment remains an issue, growth will come from international activity and by providing our clients with access to our international association, we can support their export plans via associates in many other countries.