We have a wealth of experience in advising a range of clients in the property and construction sectors – from small to large property investors, developers and construction businesses. 

We have a team of property tax specialists who have experience and expertise, gained both externally through industry and through Henderson Loggie’s own wide range of clients in the sector. 

All property transactions will have a tax implication. Our advice is geared towards letting you know what that is and whether there are ways to mitigate its impact. 

We can advise you on the acquisition of new businesses or the sale of existing ones. We can also provide advice on the most tax-efficient way to take profit out of the business or introduce new finance. We also advise owners who wish to withdraw from a business or want to reorganise its structure. 

We can make sure you are fully compliant with the requirements of the Construction Industry Scheme, helping you avoid significant penalties and potentially the loss of your gross payment status.

We offer CIS and PAYE reviews to ensure you fully understand the rules and are implementing them correctly.